Neon Lights


Perhaps the most magical discovery of my summer was the Dan Flavin Art Institute in Bridgehampton. The renovated firehouse and former church is home to Flavin’s breathtaking nine works in fluorescent light. Conceptualized as a space where the light sculptures and architecture could become one unified whole, the installation truly embodies the phenomenal power of Flavin’s work. Around each bend is a surprise bold geometric gesture of fluorescent light where you could almost linger forever watching the effects shift and change. Surrounded by a series of attention provoking contrasts I pulled on my own bright yellow neoprene jumper by Jacquemus, that too begged to be seen. The onesie of my neon dreams was culled from the downtown New York gem, Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Color, light, and form upon me from every direction, here my senses were enlivened on high.

Jacquemus jumper, Maison Martin Margiela platform sandals

The Dan Flavin Art Institute, Dan Flavin

Photographs by Tylor Hou

Mystical Expression

pari-dust-mystical expression

Gestural, free and brimming with emotive energy are Joan Mitchell’s Trees at Cheim & Read. Her works, rooted in abstract expressionism are a lyrical blend of looking inward and outward and in the moment finding one’s own way. Moving across the canvas with her richly hued, paint saturated brushwork Mitchell attempts to capture a feeling while alluding towards the form and structure of the trees, which she abstracted throughout her career. Encapsulating the same sense of modern bohemia is this intricately embroidered tone on tone silk crepe maxi dress by Calypso. Elegant and fluid this dress is a dreamy accompaniment to Joan Mitchell’s minimal forest. A line that is rooted in all that is spirited and free radiates grace in the midst of Mitchell’s uniqueness of being.

Calypso dress, Gianvito Rossio sandals

Cheim & Read, Joan Mitchell, Trees

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou

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Organic Geometry

pari-dust-perfect sky

Set on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains is one of the most visually compelling spatially alluring built environments I’ve ever experienced. An afternoon at The Getty Center is like escaping to another planet where all the beauty of organic assembly and geometry come together in harmonious balance. Richard Meier’s masterpiece fulfills me on every level; lyrical curvilinear elements are offset by the structural composition of a perfect travertine grid. The light is magical, bouncing off the stone into the lush vegetation. Completing my California dream is this Zac Posen pool blue party dress; the silhouette and seamed paneling flirt with the architecture set against the summer sky. If you could leave me anywhere it would be here.

Zac Posen dress, Alexander Wang sandals

The Getty Center, Richard Meier

Photographs by Jason Gringler

Saffron in The City Palace

pari-dust-saffron city palace

In the heart of the pink city of Jaipur was my last enchanting architectural encounter at The City Palace. Still the residence of Jaipur’s Royal Family, the complex echoes with opulence and some of the most exquisite craftsmanship I’ve ever laid eyes. Open and airy each ornamental gateway leads to one divine courtyard after the next, a true feast for the eyes. The most lovely is the Pitam Niwas Chouk, the peacock courtyard. What lies within are four adorned gates representing the four seasons and Hindu Gods. Peacocking myself, I chose this long saffron silk dress by Isabel Marant complimented with the most exquisite Lovegold find, the jewelry designer Azva. This intricately handcrafted gold medallion pendant is to die for and I fell for these lustrous gold dangle bell earrings. The perfect end to the most dreamy trip and adventure with Lovegold. India, I hope we meet again soon.

Isabel Marant dress, Azva medallion pendant & bell earrings, Mui Mui sandals

The City Palace, Jaipur, Sawai Jai Singh

Photographs by Chris Roman

Gem Paradise


In India it is believed that a stone is living material, an entity unto itself, which is partly divine and endowed with supernatural powers. It is this heart and precious appreciation that goes into every piece of jewelry made by The Gem Palace. A family business for over eight generations, The Gem Palace is now run by Siddharth Kasliwal after his legendary father Munnu’s passing last year. After spending a few days with Sidd and his brother Sam their enthusiasm for an ancient family tradition so rich and spectacular was infectious. On this unforgettable day in Jaipur with LoveGold, my dream of being iced in the most exquisite way was realized. An afternoon at The Gem Palace revealed a dedication to craft and attention to detail that is at the core of the family’s dynasty. I experienced this process as we watched the in-house craftsmen work by hand to cut, polish and set the stones for these heirloom pieces. I was touched not only by the joy that went into the creation but by the inspiration documented beautifully in a book I could not part with, Munnu Irresistible Jewels. A man after my own, in this book Munnu’s most stunning creations are pictured next to elements of inspiration from Indian architecture and art, elements that I incorporated in my imagery. Jewelry that truly is art, I am so grateful to have experienced The Gem Palace firsthand with Lovegold and the family who keeps their fairy tale pieces timeless and fresh.

Tome dress, The Gem Palace rose-cut diamond & gold necklace, rose-cut diamond necklace with emerald drops, cuff bracelets set with rubies, emeralds & diamonds, diamond & gold ring, ruby, gold & pearl tikka headpiece

The Gem Palace, Jaipur

Photographs by Chris Roman collaged against architectural imagery from Munnu Irresistible Jewels by Eric Deroo

Dove Grey & Amber Light

pari-dust-silver grey and amber light

Set high upon the Arawali Hills right outside of Jaipur is the majestic Amber Fort. Built by Raja Man Singh I in the 16th century the fort is known for its exquisite blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture. Ascending the hill on painted elephant the procession into the historical palace is something I’ll never forget. Within the main gate is the stunning complex of red sandstone and white marble with intricate carvings and painted motifs. I am struck by the airy colonnades framing surroundings that seem trapped in a different time. The layout of the palace is marked by the process of discovery, each gate revealing more splendors. The most dazzling of which is the Sheesh Mahal or Mirror Palace. Covered with mirrored inlay, the hall was made to reflect the light of a single candle so that it would give the effect of a night filled with glittering stars. I glided through the space in this drapey and elegant dress by Rick Owens. My time in India with Lovegold is like a fairy tale that I never want to end.

Rick Owens dress, LoveGold feather pendant, Mui Mui sandals

Amber Fort, Jaipur, Raja Man Singh I

Photographs by Chris Roman

Shades of Jodhpur, Blue City


My fantastical plunge into Indian culture began upon entering the blue walled city of Jodhpur. I fell in love immediately as we drove through the chaos and colorful madness that is the essence of Rajasthan, India’s largest and most vibrant state. As we weaved through the tuk tuks, textile shops, past the sacred and prevalent cows tucked away was one of the most magical places I’ve ever stayed, the Raas. Preserving the bones of a 300-year-old mansion, which the hotel occupies, the design is a brilliant blend of the old and new. The red sandstone screens of the Raas echo the splendor of the Mehrangarh Fort, which hovers on a high cliff directly above. Trickling down below the fort are a smattering of pool blue buildings for which the city gets its name. With my first foray in Rajasthan came my first Indian wedding, first sari, and first encounter with gems from the iconic Gem Palace. Myself washed in shades of blue and green I felt embraced by a place so unique unto its own. More colours, architecture, and exquisite gems to come in Jaipur on my dazzling trip with Lovegold, till then.

First Sari, Munnu Gem Palace necklace, Beirn box clutch, Mui Mui sandals

RAAS, Jodhpur, The Lotus Praxis Intiative

Photographs by Chris Roman

Ox Blood, Turquoise and Gold for Delhi


Last week I had the pleasure of embarking on the most beautiful adventure through India. A place so steeped in culture and tradition I was transported not only physically but spiritually, the pride of its people and eagerness to convey what is special about a place struck me unlike any other. As for my journey, it begins here in India’s sprawling capital, Delhi. I found this exquisite site, Jantar Mantar to be much like a massive art installation. Built by Jai Singh II, the Maharaja of Jaipur in the 18th century these sculptural structures were designed for solar observation. To compliment the ox blood sandstone ruins I chose this pale turquoise silk crepe dress by Burberry, the geometric detailing and romantic feel wove right through the leafy surroundings and abstract forms. As much of India’s tradition flows around their love affair with gold and my own Middle Eastern background too shares this inherent love, I adorned myself in these geometric cuffs by Pamela Love and this stunning Temple St. Clair peridot and diamond ring. Delhi was a sweet beginning, my journey with Lovegold, the fabulous curator of gold jewelry from around the world, continues. Next stop is the magical city of Jodhpur.

Burberry dress, Pamela Love cuffs, Temple St. Clair ring, Janis Savitt earrings, Beirn box clutch, Mui Mui sandals

Jantar Mantar, Delhi, Maharaja Jai Singh II

Photographs by Chris Roman

Floral Play

pari-dust-floral play 2

The combination of something beautiful, organic, and free eternalized into a perfect world of symmetry are Todd Eberle’s photographic bouquets. At a 6×8’ scale, analogous to paintings, Eberle’s kaleidoscopic florals pop to vibrance within the schoolhouse-like charm of The National Exemplar Gallery. The works are an homage to Warhol’s Flowers and Rorschach paintings and also seem to magnify the joy of receiving flowers as ritual, a practice established by Eberle’s long time partner, Richard Pandiscio. Complimentary to the work’s exaggerated scale and explosive pattern is this bouncy baby doll dress by Mary Katrantzou, who realized her rococo dreams in this collection. A remembrance that you can never have too much of a good thing.

Mary Katrantzou dress, Gianvito Rossio sandals

The National Exemplar, Todd Eberle, FLOWER’S (for Richard)

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Jason Gringler

Splash Nostalgia

pari-dust-splash nostalgia

Two parts nostalgia and one part hope is Dan Colen’s exhibition Help! at the blissful Brant Foundation. The show is a journey beginning at the end with two massive half buried box trucks dominating the lawn’s expanse. Within the foundation is the overlying theme of life and death and everything in between. The focus of the show is spun from the artist’s dear friend Dash Snow’s death from an overdose in 2009. What results is an array of emotions wrapped in different mediums. On the ground floor is the remembrance, a video of Snow and Colen on a bender, early chewing gum paintings, a curtain of rose encased crack pipes, and a heap of fences, wires and junk that creates an enormous bird sanctuary with songbirds. Upstairs are the newer works, a sense of overcoming, celebratory confetti, trash and smashed flower paintings delight in the light filled atrium. I chose this willowy trapeze dress splashed with a custom print by Tanya Taylor, whose clothes are injected with something fun, mysterious and fleeting much like this exhibition.

Tanya Taylor dress, Topshop sandals

The Brant Foundation, Dan Colen, Help!

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou